Armands Grundulis

Armands Grundulis Art

Unmistakable Revelation Of Exposed Secrets

Mixed media
60 x 60 x 140

The structure of the meanings of the work is built in the factology of cultural history that is recognizable to us, in its processes and development to the present day. But not only that – with a cake subject to the law of entropy, like everything in space, I want to sketch the consequences of development for every phenomenon, including the revelations that make up the evolution of humanity.
The effect of the law of entropy on the exhibited work is an essential part of it and one of the keys to entering a deeper understanding of the work, comparing it with such images as nails, nailing, wound, cherry jam, crown, hostia, cake-forming depth layers and their various enjoyment , depending on the individual ‘s subjective desires.
Original title of the work is “Clear Revelation of Open Secrets”. I was addressed by a viewer with different naming – “Cake for Humanity”. And indeed, two words contain an essential part of the meaning.