Armands Grundulis

Armands Grundulis Art

Personal Touch — Urbi Et Orbi
Performance Nr. 6.

stream, 3,5 h x 7 days = 24h


Performance became, as the next stage, a reflection on the contexts of the global age, when each course, each individual has an increasingly significant impact on the whole. The possibility of not noticing and not attributing events to the other side of the globe is rapidly disappearing. These are questions of ethics, economics, politics, religion, philosophy and many other categories.

Symbolically, in a very small space, during a week-long performance, the author accommodated every person living on the planet earth at that time. Symbolically, everyone will have the opportunity to experience presence with any other person, just entering this world or leaving at this moment. And just as the Pope of Rome proclaims the message of blessing “Urbi et Orbi” every Easter and Christmas, so this performance was the message – “Personal Touch – Urbi et Orbi”, live streaming, in a global context through social networks. In other words – Everything and everyone is important.

Some stripes you can notice are in red colour and covered with gold leaf. Symbolically, those are turning points of particularly every living person, at birth moment or leaving, even at lives crossroad point as well as for all society taken together.

In the process of performance, I was burning incense, as it is used in some Christian liturgical practices and rang the liturgical bell, thereby  signalising about importance of ongoing process.

Seven day process of performance also was important, thereby creating allusion to Torah, story of how act of creation happened.