Armands Grundulis

Armands Grundulis Art

Direct reflection — The beginning

Genre — 
Documentary, Video art, installation.
Format —Short documentary for two screens and installation.
Film screening — The movie content is divided into screens and multiple soundtracks.

Author and producer — Armands Grundulis
Directing and editing — Armands Grundulis
Cinematographers — Arturs Hnikins, Arturs Krjuks
Music author — Gatis Pastars
Interviewer — Arturs Hnikins

2018 / 2019

Description Of The Work And Concept

Source of work and inspiration
The work is based on the group performance, which took place on November 3, 2018 in Livani. Approximately a group of forty people, with golden, glossy material boards and flags, went on manifestation through central street of Livani. The demonstration was accompanied by Gatis Pastars, a musician and composer, sitting in the car, driving near manifestants. The demonstration was broadcast live at a 360-degree angle in the profile of the artist Armand Grundulis on Facebook.

Documentary Short production
The creation and development of the performance was filmed at all stages of development. The material that was filmed became the basis for a short documentary and installation.

Cinematographic idea
The film dramaturgy is intended to be shown on two screens and two film reflecting screens with several sound tracks corresponding to the image.

Conception of movie
The film tells about a strange event on the outskirts of Latvia. Most likely, in the history of this city, nothing similar had happened and would never happen again. The unpredictable course of events and stage scenes that were deliberately and unintentionally captured during the filming, makes the film particularly peculiar with a sense — how come that events of such magnitude and radiance, reflecting large global events, occur in a remote European provincial town with a large and small cultural context. On the one hand, there are big, significant events, and on the other, an absurd or ritual mysterious theater with big symbols and real people, real everyday events and experiences.

On November 3, 2018, the idea of a performance in Livani was to express a reflective and radiant 
message without the presence of any ideology. The message, which is based on each individual observer, the personality depths, the reflection of the level of sacred intimacy reflected in golden transparents and flag.